Library To Go

Use Library To Go to request physical library materials and check them out with contactless pickup.

Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible while also protecting the health and safety of library users and staff. We deeply appreciate your continued enthusiasm for the library. Thank you for your patience as we transition and innovate how we serve our community.

If you'd like help with Library To Go or you have any questions about the process, please call 410-778-3636.

The Library To Go Process

There are four main steps for Library To Go:

1. Request the materials you want to receive.

2. Receive confirmation that your materials are ready to pick up.

3. Schedule a Library To Go appointment.

4. Arrive at your appointment time & pick up your materials.

Library To Go FAQs
How do I request materials?

You can request books and other materials by signing into your library account and placing holds in the catalog.

If you need help learning how to access your account or would prefer to have library staff place holds for you, please call 410-778-3636.

How do I apply for a library account?

You can apply for a temporary card online.

How will I know when my requests are ready to pick up?

Depending on your account settings, you will receive a phone call, email, or text message when your items are available.

Your notification will include additional instructions about how to pick up your items.

If you need to update your contact information, please call 410-778-3636.

How do I schedule a Library To Go appointment?

After you have been notified that your items are available, you can schedule an appointment online or by calling 410-778-3636.

How does the appointment work?

1. Arrive at your pickup location at your scheduled time.

3. Call the branch phone number and let library staff know you have arrived. (If you don't have a cell phone, please call before leaving home to let us know you are on the way.)

4. Staff will confirm your identity and check out your materials.

5. Staff will place your materials on the pickup table.

6. You may pick up your items after staff return to the building.

In compliance with the best practice recommendations from local health authorities, you must wear a mask and maintain a 6' distance from others while using Library To Go.

When are Library To Go services available?

Chestertown: Monday-Friday

North County: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Rock Hall: Monday and Wednesday

For information about appointment times, call 410-778-3636 or check appointment availabilty online.

Can I request items from other libraries?

You are welcome to place requests for items belonging to other libraries.

Can I return items at my Library To Go appointment?

All returns MUST be made via the bookdrop.

Please do not leave returns on the pickup table or in the entry way.

Is it safe to borrow library books and other materials?

KCPL's plan for Library To Go services has been developed with the safety of library users and staff as our top priority. In order to contribute to the health and safety of our community:

All books and other materials will be quarantined for 7 days after being returned to the library.

All library staff are required to wear masks and to follow specific protocol when handling materials.

Library To Go is contactless with library users and staff all wearing masks and abiding by social distancing guidelines.

Should I clean library materials that I borrow?

You should not need to clean library materials.

Library staff are following strict guidelines for handwashing, materials handling, and use of a quarantine room. Every measure has been taken to protect your health before items are checked out to you.

When items are returned, staff follow strict protocol for handling and quarantining materials in order to ensure their own safety and that of other library users.

If you choose to clean materials you have borrowed, please use only sanitizing wipes on the plastic covers of books and on DVD or CD cases. Do not clean with disinfectants as spray can damage covers, pages, and discs. Do not heat materials in a microwave or oven. Any damage to library materials will be your responsibility.

Why are materials I returned still showing on my account?

All returned materials are being quarantined for 7 days before being checked in and processed. You will not be charged overdue fees for time items spend in quarantine.

If an item is still on your account 10 days after you returned it, please let us know.

Can I use my temporary digital card to borrow materials?

Yes, for now you will be able to use your digital card to borrow physical materials.

Is Library To Go just for borrowing materials?

You can also use Library To Go to pick up print jobs and for printed materials related to reference questions.

Is it possible for me to print a document?

At this time, limited printing is available. You can print a maximum of 10 pages. KCPL is currently waiving fees for printing.

To submit a document for printing, please attach it to an email and send to

Please include your name and phone number in the email so we can contact you if we have questions about your print request.

When your document has been printed and is ready to be picked up, we will contact you to schedule a Library To Go appointment.

Can I bring book donations to Library To Go?

No. Library staff are not able to accept book donations.

For more information about book donations, please contact the Friends of Kent County Public Library.